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Project Ezrah Mitzvah Cards

Project Ezrah HELPS YOU share your thoughts and wishes

Project Ezrah’s personalized mitzvah cards can be customized to your specific needs

  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Graduation
  • Sheva Brochos Thank You
  • Shabbos Hostess Hospitality
  • In Your Honor
  • Todah Rabah
  • Condolence and Yahrzeit

Perfect for any occasion. Project Ezrah Mitzvah Cards — HELP Ezrah continue to provide vital services to neighbors in need. For more information or to to discuss your personal card needs, contact Mona Smilovitz at 201.569.9047 or email, Cards@ezrah.org


Project Ezrah Mitzvah Card Order Form

  • Please include any information that you feel will make your card more meaningful to the recipient; (e.g. birthday age, name of kallah and chattan, and for condolence and yahrzeit cards, name of deceased and relationship to the recipient.)
  • If mailing the same card to multiple recipients please provide names and addresses in the space below.
  • Please submit the card and proceed to the donate window to submit payment.